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Shared Research Operations

transmission electron microscope

The Talos F200i TEM

High-resolution 2D and 3D characterization, in situ dynamic observations, chemical analysis, and diffraction applications.

Recent News

Biofilms in Space - Spaceflight Experiment with Confocal Microscopy

"Surface-adherent bacterial communities, known as biofilms, are found all around us. Common examples of biofilms on Earth include the slime found on river rocks, the “gunk” in your sink drain, or the plaque that forms on our teeth.

But can bacteria attach to surfaces in low gravity?"

Shared Research Operations has been featured in the Olympus blog about biofilm research at Texas State University. Professor Robert “Bob” McLean and Alissa Savage (SRO Scientific Instrument Technician) are featured in the blog. Click HERE to learn more!